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Even though September was suicide prevention month, the topic of teen age suicide does not go away just because the month has past.
According to the most recent statistics on suicide rates in Canada put out by The National Public Health Institute of Quebec, Quebec still holds the highest number of suicides in Canada and Montreal has the highest number of suicides for large cities in Canada.
When it comes to suicide, East Asia tops the list with the Aokigahara Forest. It is considered one of the most terrifying places on earth, and it is more commonly known as the "Sea of Tree's" or "Suicide Forest".
Researches has shown that every death that is been committed to day, almost 200 individuals have made series of attempt, while more than 300 people have the mind to commit suicide.
This poem is written in the perspective of a popular youtube sensation that committed suicide after depression.
Last week was National Suicide Awareness Week here in Ireland, and I remembered this poem I had from before, just took a little tracking down. I hope it speaks :)
An essay about suicidal idealation. and how to deal with it. It seems a mixture of confidence in in the health care provider through mentoring and drugs.
Who is really to blame for this tragedy! Who was there to console, Jacintha Saldanha, this diligent hard working nurse in her hour of need?
this page is about mental health,its symptoms,and disorders. Mainly related to Anxiety Disorders,Mental Illness,depression,Suicide Prevention-their symptoms,disorders and prevention.
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