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Researches has shown that every death that is been committed to day, almost 200 individuals have made series of attempt, while more than 300 people have the mind to commit suicide.
This poem is written in the perspective of a popular youtube sensation that committed suicide after depression.
Problems are a part of life. What life without ups and downs? But when a problem becomes serious, does death provide a permanent cure for it? Is life so meaningless?
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An essay about suicidal idealation. and how to deal with it. It seems a mixture of confidence in in the health care provider through mentoring and drugs.
Many people who cannot carry on with the bitterness and the poverty or lost loves make their pittifull way to Waterloo Bridge and say an everlasting goodby.
I am angry, hurt, where did it go wrong It has been nearly 7 years my son, You have been gone. Death is so No words can it mend It is over.. The life that you lived. Kainalu your son Looks just like you When you took your own life Did you think you won? Hokulani is a beau...
A woman just has enough of lfe and decides to simply quit... a haunting moving poem about suicide
I went, I got sun poisoning, and I'm still alive to tell the tale! A concert festival in review.
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