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Non-communicable are undeniably the leading cause of death in the world, representing more than half of all annual deaths which include over an estimated one million deaths among adolescent’s that were mainly preventable or treatable causes.
Teen suicide is on the rise especially in girls. There are several factors such as the choking game and cyber bullying which may be at the root of this social problem.
Mental Illness affect more people than one would expect, It will strike the poor and the rich alike, it knows no boundaries. Many people still label and fear people who have a mental illness.
Even though September was suicide prevention month, the topic of teen age suicide does not go away just because the month has past.
Mental Illness is something that affects most Montreal families in some way. Mental illness is not the face of raving lunatic portrayed in movies from the 1940s. Mental illness afflicts both the average Montrealer and the rich and famous as well.
Brain research requires post mordem brains. Montrealers have a brain research laboratory dedicated to the research on cures for mental illness.
Those moments in time you wish you could relive and change. My prompt that inspired this write was : Let's say resurrections are taking place ... who would you want to return and why?
The question of assisted suicide is much debated in American and Canadian society. There are several issues to look at, the personal wishes, ethical concerns, legal concerns, doctor assisted suicide, the Hippocratic oath and so on.
Suicide is a problem in our society today. Most suicides are done when no one was looking but what about when a female prisoner takes her own life while the guards looked on?
Suicide is a problem in our society today. Most suicides are done when no one was looking but what about when a female prisoner takes her own life while the guards looked on?
This is a dream squence from a depressive mind wanting the release of death but not quite taking that step. It's a silent call for help tthat many don't hear.
This short story is about how a young boy called Geoff feared his father so much, that it led him to making an attempt at suicide. Unfortunately, for Geoff though, he never could overcome these fears, so instilled into him, so early on in his life, and even until today, he still suff...
Vengeance never pays. Simply put, it is just a BAD BUSINESS.
In a rally in Delhi, a farmer committed suicide by hanging. Perhaps it was a botched up affair, but Arvind Kejriwal the head of the AAP must answer for this death.
I have cried my last tear, I have no fear. We all experience death, some sooner rather than later.
A challenge given to me by a fellow writer, became this...
One D stands for the protecting nutrient vitamin D and another D stands for the killer Depression. Nutrition experts say that vitamin D, taken sufficiently, can control depression.
According to the most recent statistics on suicide rates in Canada put out by The National Public Health Institute of Quebec, Quebec still holds the highest number of suicides in Canada and Montreal has the highest number of suicides for large cities in Canada.
For example, psychiatric disorders in a person can result in both a higher risk of unemployment and suicide , the researchers explain. For almost twenty years, scientists study the links between lack of employment and the desire to end life
America has two death sentences. One of them is specifically designed to end life. The other death sentence is invisible and almost unknown to the public. It, too, ends life, but slowly over years and decades.
The government of India removes a law that punishes "attempt to suicide" with imprisonment
Death of Stephanie Moseley really heartbreaking loved ones. Who are the witnesses of this incident?
Felipe learns more about St. John's and City Life. We learn more about Jordan.
George is sitting at his desk remembering his sister, who took her own life.
I recently read a heartbreaking story regarding a brain tumor patients in Oregon who decided to end her life on Nov 1 with assisted suicide medication prescribed by her doctors. She is pushing for laws like this. Am I against it or for it? Are you against it or for it?
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