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Mental Illness is something that affects most Montreal families in some way. Mental illness is not the face of raving lunatic portrayed in movies from the 1940s. Mental illness afflicts both the average Montrealer and the rich and famous as well.
Unbelievable but true that people find bridges a perfect venue for ending their lives. Enigmatic it is that the WHO rates bridge jumping as Number 13 worldwide cause of death. Take a look at this startling account.
Researches has shown that every death that is been committed to day, almost 200 individuals have made series of attempt, while more than 300 people have the mind to commit suicide.
The crime rate is increasing all over the world. I will examine all the factors that contribute to this increasing crime rate and suggest measures to reduce its impact.
This poem is written in the perspective of a popular youtube sensation that committed suicide after depression.
I Have most of my life dealt with depression and subsequently have found myself in relationships with people who have had the same problems as me.
As an introduction and motivation to hone your reading interest, I would like to invite you to read first rita banerji's heartbreaking story about 17-year old Roopa for you to fully comprehend "Dowry" well. Thank you.
An essay about suicidal idealation. and how to deal with it. It seems a mixture of confidence in in the health care provider through mentoring and drugs.
Many people who cannot carry on with the bitterness and the poverty or lost loves make their pittifull way to Waterloo Bridge and say an everlasting goodby.
This page is about committing suicide due to debts we must avoid it
The short story is about a man who depends upon an imaginary character to live with the hard facts of his life. It reaches a point where the imaginary character controls every move made by the man. The story ends with the man on the verge of lunacy
This article is about the recent survey about the suicide and suggest others to avoid this kind of suicide ideas
We have blood banks and eye banks. A day is not far off when we have banks for different organs of the body and finally, an Age Bank.
They are young and confused,they need guidance and support.
Globalization has affected Indian Agriculture very much. Though the Government of India is taking steps to help the farmers by relief schemes like massive loan waiver, it has only worsened the situation affecting majority of the population.
A firefighter’s job can be very physically demanding when they perform tasks such as extinguishing fires, rescuing victims from fires, carrying heavy tools, forcing entry into a home or business, climbing ladders, quickly moving up or down stairways, extricate a person from a mangle...
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