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Dad, Molly and Milly, decided to set up a block watch in their neighborhood. The neighbors agreed to be part of the block watch. Milly signed up for the night shift and Molly agreed to take the day shift.
This is just a little rendition of how my Saturday nights used to be before I sat at home and wrote about Saturdays nights.
For me this is a time of year for reflection, a time for remembering and celebrating the year in its passing.
In San Diego, summer seems to last the entire year. Even during those winters when there is rain, the rain lasts from maybe January through February. Some years the rain may go into March. So this year I decided to write a poem about the summer. As you read it, keep in mind that San D...
Join summer day camps for fun learning and experiencing new areas of life. These camps offers wide range of courses. You can opt for the courses you like or wish to study on.
Summer months is the most wonderful and as well , the sunniest period of the entire year and also to further enhance the romance associated with the time of year there are summer camps.
Summer vacation is not intended to let kids sit glued in front of the TV. Rather holidays are provided to help children develop their personality by engaging in social, funfilled and educational activities.
Summer camp programs are considered a perfect venue for learning something new and interesting. These offer you casual and fun-filled atmosphere where you can unleash your creativity and learn to do new and creative things.
Summer camps have been popular in the US since several decades now. The novelty today is the huge variety is summer camps.
Summer camps offer an excellent opportunity to young children to utilize their vacations in learning constructive things in their vacations.
Summer is a season with outdoor activities and fun. Cookies and candies add the taste to this life of fun. Here is an idea to make this summer more interesting to you and your children.
It's really difficult to find out who doesn't love summer vacations its always fascinating and relaxing thing. In this article you will get some ideas to make more enjoyable the summer vacation.
Yearly trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Family vacation coming up.
We always want to go somewhere refreshing during Summer. This time, I will talk about a place where we can travel and enjoy our summer vacation, in the CAMIGUIN ISLAND..
This is a personal travel to one of the beautiful island in the Philippines. Here, I am sharing the fun activities that you can enjoy in Boracay. I also shared some tips before and after you go there. So, enjoy!
As we come to the end of yet another year, I give you a poem of change
places to have fun and what do to in summer in London
Long lazy summer days.There is so much fun in the air and activity to do.A poem on long days of summer.
Ideas of what to do this summer with your kids! Two months can drag on when trying to keep the kids entertained all summer. Check out our fun-guide for some great summer activity ideas.
Now we are in recess, we spent many days on the beach and assume that long exposure to sun. Both young adults and we always take great care to these exposures.
As Mungo Jerry sang "In the summer time when the weather is high You can chase right up and touch the sky When the weather's right You got women, you got women on your mind But be warned.
I love Baseball!! Every year I can't wait for baseball season. This year my team is not doing well at all but I still watch every game, hoping they will still pull a miracle out and make the play offs. This poem was written a few years ago, but still is one of my favorites. GO ROCK...
Everybody is now looking for a new place to chill out this summer. Located in the Northern part of Cebu, Philippines, an islet called "Bantayan" will never be out of the priority lists when one wishes to wade on a beautiful, glistening white sand beach this summer season.
"Life is a beach!" So this time, allow me to take you in a destination to another awesome place in the Southern part of Cebu Province - Moalboal. This countryside takes a 3-hour ride by bus from the city proper. Be enchanted, and fascinated with their wide and long shoreline.
Summer is not only time when body needs right type of foods to keep up with increasing mercury levels, but it is also the time when you go out and do lots of outdoor activities. So stock up that refrigerator and kitchen with the right foods, not just to keep the temperature from ragin...
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