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This is a poem about the seasons, and man, and the ways of life and time. A poem about tomorrow and as we all know...Tomorrow never comes.
When I was in my early teens I worked summers on my Brother-in-lays ranch. West of the house was an straw thatched horse corral. The problem with a thatched roof is that the birds like tunneling through the thatch to build their nests in the coolness of the thickest parts, letting th...
In San Diego, summer seems to last the entire year. Even during those winters when there is rain, the rain lasts from maybe January through February. Some years the rain may go into March. So this year I decided to write a poem about the summer. As you read it, keep in mind that San D...
This page is very dear to me. It's dedicated to my summer fling last year. I hope you enjoy. This is to you my Bonnie.
Small boats get left in barns for the winter and have to wait for summer and the children to find them again!
Summer is coming. Everybody is happy but oops! Someone is not. He is used to the cold. Who is it? Read 'The Dying Boots' to find out for yourself! But Summer is also time to harvest many crops. What has the author faced this year. Find out by reading 'Slipping Luck'.
Walking on a hot summer day a man rests and falls into a light sleep. He dreams of a house with his loved one.
A poem about living in the past. A man thinks of his sister in heaven and how life was kinder years ago.
Years gone by harvesting was very different than it was today. The people involved in the harvest had to do everything by hand and was treated as a holiday. This poem reflects the beauty of the harvest.
Now we are in recess, we spent many days on the beach and assume that long exposure to sun. Both young adults and we always take great care to these exposures.
At times the poem points out and at other times it connotes the end of a summer where the universal life cycles in different seasons. Do good before it’s too late. Time is too short to enjoy life with virtues. Life is good! Ponder it, excogitate it and discard the bad things inside ...
weather poems hot and cold. Ideas on what can be done in the snow and sun.
A visit to the shore evokes memorable images to lure you back again and again. Many happy childhood memories originate at the shore. Echoes of the Ocean is a poem I wrote while visiting the shore but this could have just as easily been written from memory alone. It is the hope of th...
A reflection in poetic form about Summer and what it meant to children
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