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The morning’s misty it hangs on trees and there’s a bit of a chill in the air, Sun needs to break as it’s a little bit cold drinking coffee in my outside chair,
"The summer night is like a perfection of thought." —Wallace Stevens
This is a poem about a kitty warming in the sunlight and using it as a blanket for a nap.
It's a poem about a frosty morning. The grass is silver and trees have beautiful white coats that help capture a scene of a magical few moments. A pale sun turns the fields of pure gold as it catches frosty ground. Some see a winter morning as just that, a winter morning. But some see...
A poem describing springtime.The last part is about the free sunlight of spring that we enjoy.Since spring month is a taxpaying month,hence the word "tax" is included in the poem.
The beginning of the day can be so often missed, yet can still fill us with wonder as the earth wakes from its nocturnal sleep..The Sun rises and a new day begins.. A reflective Prose by Songbird B...
This article will show the reader some different ways in which to obtain their required daily vitamin D requirements. These days most of us are insiders, and this means that we are usually not getting nearly enough sunlight. Try some of these alternative natural sources of vitamin...
sunlight... sunlight... a mystical and ancient light, sunlight...
Dedicated to a wonderful guy that I care about as an encouragement.
The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is the largest solar thermal plant that built to provides power to parts of Northern California, US. If fully functioning, this renewable energy project will produce around 377 megawatts of energy.
This is the season of forest splendour and trees wear their finest robes they burst forth into all their richest and warmest colours of the year,
After spending 6 years in Ukraine studying Medicine, I will be leaving in a few days time not only as a Doctor of Medicine, but also with other achievements and accomplishments. As proud as I am, I still remain humble even as I journey through Life. This poem is about a person, who ha...
ThE plant seeds ....and so the only PLANT... thAt can seed ....SUN...
A gentle morning slowly breaks, sun slowly floods from a lightning sky and as morning mists burn away a new day begins.
The rose continues blooming well. It is being fed by the banana pealing mulch. There have been many days of shared joy in the blossoms red glow.
From my notebook, which I light-heartedly entitle "Jots of Thoughts," a few observations I boldly call poetry....
Hope is a wise hermit and lives deep in the woods. He talks of many things his knowledge is deep and his understanding is deeper, but he stays away from most people he dosn't like their greed and their gift of ruining things.
Sitting, day in, day out, on a park bench watching the seasons change. Ice and snow, hail and bitter cold but he still sits and watches.
A Night in the Wood. Girls in green with white faces, reflected lamplight and their own sweet charm, men stared in awe. And archers fired their flaming arrows into a still pond like stars had fallen from the dark sky,
On travelling home one evening I noticed the beautiful rays of sunlight surrounding a grey cloud - and these words started to flow in my mind.
May chases winter away and smiles her sunbeams across the land. The May breezes have many beautiful perfume's.
The Mangalore Power Supply Company corporate office at Pardigm Plaza is going go green environmentally using solar power for their office need.
It is curious that in a revenue-starved country like India, while all sorts of services are unfailingly taxed, betting and gambling enjoy steadfast exemption. Perhaps the time has come to change the rule. Before Mr Pranab Mukherjee demitted the finance minister’s office, he ensured...
We all know calcium is good for building bones, but wheres the best place to get it?
Insufficient Vitamin D can lead to colon cancer, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, seasonal disorders and depression.
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