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Sunsets are essential else the same population will continue to exploed and their kind unload We must have a different generation kind No!
The article speaks about excellent sunset at Udaynarayanpur Beach near Mandarmani at West Bengal Orissa border. Visitors enjoy the beach.
This is a poem about how beautiful a sun set is and how it is a gift.
The melancholy of seeing two hearts carved in an old tree brings to mind memories of love that happened in that place.
It feels so nice to watch the sunset and reminisce of our past. The memories of love gone by.
summer poem with love and hope. summer is breezing over the mind of every people who left a long winter with snow flake. its changes the nature also changes the mind of people. so summer is so desire of every cold country men and women. so they enjoy summer and its every moment...
The warmer weather brings easy laid-back back days to relax with, reflect on, grow with, and to savor until long after summer ends......
Sometimes we feel inside thoughts that somehow seem beyond our earthly understanding, as the colors of morning and the day fades into sunset as we spin ever away.
A beautiful moment captured through my lens on the streets of Delhi, India
A comparison of youth and old age- and how each has it's merits.
All about sunsets, and bonfires, and sky lanterns...
The bloody organ that hides under my chest is aching, Aching for something more Tired of feeling empty
The years spent away from loved ones is painful indeed, as only memories that keeps them in your heart always.
In this chapter I explain to you two very important signs. The rise of the sun from the west and the appearance of the False Christ. Remember that Jesus said," Elijah has come already but you didn't recognize him" The same idea is applied to most prophecies because of the principle of...
A short story narrated from the "bad guy's" perspective about what happens when depression and desperation bring you to hit a rock bottom. A story of the misunderstood "villain" who begins to understand the irony of life while slowly reaching the end of her sanity.
This is the season of forest splendour and trees wear their finest robes they burst forth into all their richest and warmest colours of the year,
I saw sunsets snaps and porno addiction... as one sets the other starts... hence two descriptions in one potion
Watching a schooner sail at sunset reminds me of Robert Burns romantic poetry on the gloaming. Gloaming is an old English word for dusk. At twilight I stood on the shore filled with nostalgic wonder. Here are photographic and poetic results of my musing...
I always find the evening to be one of my favourite times of the day when the sunlight is gently fading out and all is peaceful .....
Sitting in a garden in summer watching a golden horizon turn to evening then into night time, then to a new moon and stars.
If you awake in the middle of sleep with a dream in mind, write it down. Its story may be transformative.
Like the seasons, the times of the day influence our attitude and thinking. We react to others' actions and needs but solace and inspiration come from within. What others' think of us is then water off duck's back.The good we do is interred with our bones but our mistakes outlive us! ...
Each sunset by the seaside never fails to bring a sense of great comfort and home to me....
"You The Willow" describes a day and night spent with a woman i loved under a willow tree. A perfect day..
On travelling home one evening I noticed the beautiful rays of sunlight surrounding a grey cloud - and these words started to flow in my mind.
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