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Barbecues will be lit all around the USA come Super Bowl Sunday, yes we will be grilling, chicken, hamburgers, steaks and of course hot dogs. Yes my friends, meat will be had.
Most Americans love watching football. The Super Bowl is a huge family gathering, with friends and plenty of food. Topped off with a few extras and you have the makings for a great Super Bowl party.
Super Bowl XLVI is tomorrow (Sunday, February 5, 2012) in Indianapolis, Indiana. The New York Giants play the New England Patriots for the title.
We all know that the V-F is important for pulling off a good Super bowl but, you must have good drinks to serve also. Sangria, iced tea, beer or a cocktail, making the right choice for your guest is a must.
If The start of your party goes well, only good things can follow. We are going to have food set out for those people we will love again, come Monday and since I am so generous, presents will be had.
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