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Want to write a novel or release an album, but don’t have the money? Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of reddit, thinks that “crowd patronage” is the answer. In our video interview with Ohanian, he explains the power of the internet to nurture creativity, while David Robson explor...
New Super Mario Bros. U is a game that never strays from the classic mechanics of the series and manages to introduce enough content to keep fans occupied for dozens of hours.
The word "Super" is used quite a lot. Sometimes it seems deserved and at other times, it is just a common advertising adjective.
~ She talked about the Lawrence Welk band ~ dancing while her husband performed with them ~ 87 years old ~ she closes her eyes ~ falls into a pirouette ~ I catch her & she goes home ~ a tear in her eye ~ he is long gone ~ Mister Welk too ~
~Super Mario owned the room~Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~neighborhood waifs in sleeping piles like puppies~or kittens~counting heads & wondering~who do you belong to~five of my own~I’m never alone~always room for another child or two~Daddy’s home~
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