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Wonder Boys, a 2000 film is a delightful comedy about a writer and will be interesting to all writers and wannabe writers.
A look at the current glut of superhero movies and the problem facing all of them. A frustrating look at their repetition and examples of how they should change.
‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ choreographer Guillermo Grispo promises a ‘very intelligent explanation’ as to why Batman is a challenge for Superman.
Boss of the Association of Kenya Elders Gerans Manzi advises Kenyans against wrecking their motherland, as he declares: "Kenyans should know that the superpowers are stable, owing to the fact that their people have maintained peace throughout by shunning politics of destruction. This ...
The Steel City welcomes celebrities to enjoy all that Pittsburgh has to offer. Great food, nightlife, shopping, history, and sports. In return, movie producer's receive a major tax credit.
Marc Spandler was hit by lightening and sent to another Universe where comic book characters are actually real.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is currently being screened in cinemas country since the end of April 2014. Many are waiting for Spider-Man action against three of his new enemy after the appearance of The Lizard.
Sometimes we all need superheroes, or need to be one to ourselves. Life can get tough sometimes, but maybe we are stronger than we think!
Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the adaption of the comic of the same name. Captain America now has to face unknown enemies that will force him to on the run from the very organization he works with. He will have to learn the secrets of a far reaching mystery as well as take do...
THUNDER Agents was a popular independent comic book in the 1960's. A retrospective of what it was about, and why.
A look back at a time when the most powerful superhero on Earth spent years fighting... a worm.
A superhero whose superpower is repairing bikes? It was a sketch in a Monty Python's Flying Circus show. But forty years on is it as crazy as it sounded then?
A look at one of America's popular fictional heroes of the 1930's and 1940's. And beyond.
It’s a plane! No, it’s a flying pig! No, it’s kind of the latter but it resembles Superman!
It is one of superhero short stories which tells how he has conflict with his wild or dark side.
When I want to write a topic in style of celebrity the name come in my mind is superstar Rajnikanth. Because he is very much famous for his styles and even small children are addicted to his styles.
A little write-up on one of my favorite television shows of all time! Depicting Superman's life growing up as Clark Kent, it's a must-see for anyone who enjoys a good action-filled romantic watch.
A tribute to my favourite superhero. He is passive and depicts both darkness and light... He is the Batman.
A personal review of the recent superpower flick, I Am Number Four. If you are a fan of the genre - Batman, Superman, X- men - you may want to read this before checking out the film.
In Ramayana, Hanuman is described as the best friend as well as the best servant of Rama. Hanuman helped Rama to rescue Sita from the clutches of the demoniac Ravana who was the emperor of Lanka.
My personal experience as a 12500 fantasy pictures collector, with a new superhero movie : Green Lantern..
I want to be a superhero. I want to change people lives and change mine as well. A hero has the strength and power. He also has the the wisdom of an angel.
This is a spotter's guide to the Batman villain's lesser-known incarnations, from viral video gems to forgotten portrayals and dark origins. Nicholson, Ledger, Romero... we all know those famous clowns inside out, but do we know the real Joker?
Gives you a review and rating of the hit movie Iron Man 2.
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