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Boss of the Association of Kenya Elders Gerans Manzi advises Kenyans against wrecking their motherland, as he declares: "Kenyans should know that the superpowers are stable, owing to the fact that their people have maintained peace throughout by shunning politics of destruction. This ...
The recipes here are loaded with protein,vitamin, mineral, iron, and other essential nutrients good for the health.These recipes are also very good for diabetic persons.Try to cook them and share the taste to your nice family and friends.
There are many plants that seemed ordinary,yet very superior.Some of them boosts good health and build strong body and metabolism.We need to know them for they can be the replacement for a doctor's prescription.We need to be health conscious because this time death through different k...
Ideas ARE fantasies. Fantasy is vision. Vision is diverse... so philosophy is...?
This is a safe all natural health product that you can easily mix in any meal. It also helps control appetite, provide you with healthy and clearer skin. It does so much it is just about the most perfect super-food out their on the market.
There is always this belief, that because a certain people dominate an area. There is some connection.
I look at all religions of the world and i am amazed at what I see. It's all so disappointing to me.
Orange juice is one of the most popular breakfast juices and also one of the top containing nutrients for many benefits. It will help for dehydration, fatigue, boost of energy levels and it will increase your metabolism. It is also equal to five servings of fruit per glass. Minerals w...
I just wanted to see whether I was able to write something because someone asked me to write a poem within 5 minutes. War never brings peace. But war becomes a necessity and a reality when peace has to be established by consensus of many nations. But war can never be a solution to b...
Bosses are sometimes threatening creatures for employees. This article explains some intelligent ways to satisfy bosses.
What is Excellence? Must we practise it in our lives to make different thing?
Jacob finally realizes who the intruder really is. And his Mom finally believes him. The intruder is back, but who is going to get the upper ground?
A look at the history and development of the Brough Superior the Rolls Royce of motorcycles
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