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Have you ever walked into a supermarket and had to deal with everything you see having to come home with you - for free!!! Hooray!! I mean... oh no, the business crashed.
Bargains. Who can stay away from bargains? Probably many people. But there are always those who will buy anything that is advertised at a discounted price.
The grocery store served as a classroom for a young mother and her child. I was blessed to have witnessed a wonderful, thoughtful and fast thinking mother in action. At the same time, I observed how well we culturally "wait our turn".
I enjoy listening to my parents and some friends talking about the trouble they got into when they were kids.
I've just recovered from a severe and painful allergic reaction to some sausages I bought at the local supermarket. As this has happened on various occasions before, I suspect that I'm "suffering" from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). I personally think my body is reacting correct...
This meal was a way to gather to watch a film at home and a lot healthier than the commercialized ones.
Brief review on Felicity Lawrence's book entitled Who decides what we have to eat.
Drink and eat where locals do and do always carry light luggage when travelling.
These healthy shops and supermarkets are offering healthy food and natural domestic items at a big price when, in fact, they┬┤d be a lot cheaper.
An Israeli woman dies at the age of 99 and had more than 1,400 direct descendant.
A news item about a plan to allow "ladies of negotiable affection" to offer their services in hungary's shopping malls set off a rich stream of speculation.
We waited a long time for a supermarket to be built in our neighborhood. It finally happened and our new Wal-Mart is three minutes from where I live. They are noted for their low prices and great service. It is a fun place to visit where I meet my friends and neighbors as I stroll a...
I have now reached that part of my life that some fear and some look forward to Retirement, find out how I am coping.
Letting go of a familiar habit can be difficult. Sometimes all that is needed is the incentive to try something new.
A short poem about shopping locally and why I prefer it to shopping at a supermarket out of town where you end up in a queue
The misunderstanding in this poem happened to me although not the final out-come.
Most of the time we don't know enough about people's lives to start gossiping about their lives.
Remember that TV series, 'Some Mothers Do Have Them' - I think all parents feel like that from time to time.
GFS Marketplace is a place for the restaurants and for those who are planning big parties. They also cater for those who like to stock up on some supplies for their baking needs and other things. This review is for the GFS Marketplace for their 2064 S. Miller Parkway, West Milwaukee, ...
Here it comes around again..that dreaded weekly food shop, where you take your life in your hands as you navigate the isles with a dodgy trolley, and a lot of stressed out parents, while little Johnny screams at the top of his lungs that he wants the loo...Get the picture...? It's eno...
Supermarkets are as British as football and cricket. I give my personal views of the giants that are supermarkets!
Orange juice is one of the most popular breakfast juices and also one of the top containing nutrients for many benefits. It will help for dehydration, fatigue, boost of energy levels and it will increase your metabolism. It is also equal to five servings of fruit per glass. Minerals w...
The house to house selling is done directly in the houses of different customers. The merchant usually hand carried their products if they are portable or the items are placed in carts. Oftentimes, these merchants just bring their modules where the pictures or images of their products...
What would we do without this common useful work horse?
Find it hard to diet? Always falling short, giving in and binging on the last of the Ice Cream? This article talks about the difficulties if dieting and asks why it's so hard, expensive and inconvenient to eat healthy foods.
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