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There is an excess in sugar production worldwide and they are using it to add it in foods that don't need any such as sausages or hamburgers.
To those who branded the new Robin Hoods as thieves, I asked them if they had ever been really hungry.
What can we do to put into practice the other ignored R´s of the three popular ones? Here are some suggestions that could help.
Read to know why we should shop fresh food in local shops instead of big supermarkets.
If one becomes a regular customer in a market stall, one will get the best produce and if need be, the seller will grant us credit when need be, because we're one of his customers.
These local grocery shops have their space within a community too.
White brand names and generics to help us save some money.
Give the unemployed plots where they can grow their own healthy food as they´ll be able to eat and they´ll have something to focus on every day.
Recalling the lettuce that a friend used to make a salad.
A short article on how shopping has changed since i was a young lad. Some shopping is better now, but not all as i remember some very valuable points.
A church is the body of Christ for the edification of the people of God and so far as this definition is not accurately followed, it is no more a church. Even the Bible made it known that on the last days, false prophets shall rise up and try to deceive the chosen ones of God. If such...
Have you heard about “honesty boxes” in the UK? How honest you are? Do you think it would works in your country? Read this interesting article.
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