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Halloween is fast approaching and following Halloween is all Saints Day, but this day has different meaning for different religions or cultures.
I wrote about my previous feelings and now I will continue with them. The articles I am currently writing around to demonstrate my somewhat limited psychic ability.
This article talks about the origins, fear, superstition and phobia surrounding the dreaded Friday the 13th
This story is one of my childhood stories which was published in my book, Picking Up the Pieces: A Woman’s Journey. The book is no longer in print.
I write a column for famous sayings and superstitions this one is about the weather
Do you still believe witches can kill with the spells they cast? Then why are people able to kill those witches?
Is the condition of twitching of eye something physical or psychological? Is it the symptom of a good luck or bad luck? Is there any connection between the twitching of an eye and the state of mind?
“That “lemon”seed you tossed in the garden, Jill; it was no ordinary seed. It was the only one of its kind, known as the lucky seed; I am that seed. I grew overnight after the rainfall and now you can ask me for any wish you like”.
On 24th May, 1921 the first Comrades Marathon was run by Vic Clapham, ex World War One veteran and 34 other runners, who initiated it as a reunion. Clapham wanted to remember those who had fallen in the war by ultimate testing of body and mind, and of triumphing for his country.
Lets take a look at old wife's tales, just how much truth can we find in them?
Marriages in India are arranged by the parents. Parents are worried about their responsibility and the social customs. Child marriages are prevalent in India in spite of the laws against child marriage. Even before girls attain puberty, they are forced to marry due to many reasons.
Filipinos are predominantly Roman Catholics. Being the one and only country in the world where divorce has not yet been legalized, one might think that the Philippines is a very conservative nation. Well, contrary to other people's beliefs, our country has a very diverse culture, havi...
Legends and superstitious beliefs all over the world say that twitching of right eye brings luck and good news for men. But modern science says that it is a kind of neurological disorder which needs treatment.
For those who are superstitious Friday 13th is the unluckiest of days. This year, 2012, Friday 13th January is upon us.
Hardly a human exists that doesn’t harbor a few apprehensions – consciously or subconsciously – about black cats, broken mirrors, spilled salt, or the number thirteen.
The old homesteads of the Cape are rich in tales of the supernatural. One of the most chilling stories is the story of the ghost with the red hot handshake, said to be haunting the homestead on the farm by the name of Brakfontein near Wellington...
We all have our little quirks, be they avoiding walking under ladders, or touching wood if we feel we’re tempting fate but some superstitions go from the silly to the ludicrous.
India is a bright example as a developing nation having strong superstitious faiths in many things. This essay highlights the chief causes which hamper the growth of all third world nations and India is just one of them.
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