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Inflation happen universally, and eternally. Cause of inflation makes up the inflation type including cost-push inflation, profit-push inflation, many more. Fighting inflation is the measure of government, and so far the cause and effect of inflation is highly scrutinized so as to mit...
Demand is needed for every organisaiton to sell their product and services but only few organizations creates a demand because they fallow business concepts.
Africa is the country that has the largest number of water-stressed conditions in the world. This author is concerned about the environment. You can find that she is an active member of
A delicate balance may have to be struck between profitability and quality of service to satisfy customers.
In this essay, I will look at the factors that affect the general price of automobiles. Of course, these factors are non-price determinants of demand and non-price determinants of supply. I will also discuss the price elasticities for the market of automobiles.
The price of tomatoes is not same over the time. The explanation is not only the relationship between demand for tomatoes and tomato price. There are other factors that affect demand and supply, which, in the end, affect the market price of tomatoes. I am going to describe these facto...
Adag of India and GE of US are establishing a turbine power plant at Samalkot of Andhra Pradesh,India
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