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And on the however manyeth day I created the oceans and the seashores, and I stoodeth back and sayeth: It is good.
Milly's been up all night guarding the compound. She scared off an intruder in the middle of the night. She turned on the spot light and watched as he ran down the beach. It's a new day and Molly's got a plan.
A thoughtful look into a highly anticipated album and how it could make or break a young musician's career.
The process of surfing the internet,require one to be quick and efficient in order to do all that one is willing to do, because distractions are numerous. So, how do one get most out of His time online?
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Internet surfing is having both pros and cons, it is based on our usage. If we use internet in a good way and access the good sites, we will get more benefits from our surfing and get satisfaction with our work
This may be the most famous – and action packed—beach in the world. Just over a century ago, only Hawaiian alii (royalty) could cavort in these bathtub-warm, rockaby gentle wavelets.
We are all fascinated by the world wide web, and we use it in lots of aspects in our lives.
We wonder whether Anthony Perkins is alive and well and living in New Zealand and meet the fascinating owner of the campsite - Ginger Walker
Now a days the widely available content on the web is pornography, it's readily available for anybody who is online, whether adults, teens or the kids. In America itself there are more than 35 million people who are sexually affected with the porn on the internet.
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