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There are too many hate-mongers in the world today and this isn't simply a case of Donald Trump's desire to register all Islamic people in the USA. It seems that part of a western agenda is the need to create turmoil across the world, create hatred focused against a billion people wor...
The Peace of God is readily available to those who accept His Son as their Savior. Others may also be able to tap into it for short periods from time to time. Though rather elusive, peace is not extremely difficult to obtain and maintain.
Often time we struggle with The Lord to get access into our life but that's not how it ought to be In all we do in all we say God still deserve our best
This article is about surrendering. The only true form of surrender is spiritual surrendering. A number of other types of surrender are looked at here, but in the end all of these always remain a part of the greater plan of God's. They were never mankind's plans alone.
This poem endeavours to show how surrendering to love must be accompanied by trusting in God to be really real. Surrender must involve such trust, otherwise it's always just more about giving up.
If you surrender to love, you will be carried along by it through your life. Love strengthens you when you drop yourself into it. You do not lose yourself then, you find yourself. God's triumph is our willing surrender.
This page is about someone who was fighting cancer and lost the battle but found Jesus in return. She lived, loved and had a wonderful family and here I will talk about it.
This poem describes wonderful feeling named Love. Love is everywhere. We can see it all around if we are ready to share and accept it.
While others can give us only a little of the world, God can place the entire world at our feet. All we have to do is ask...
Every Independence Day is a day to think of real freedom. It is a day to reflect about independence- liberation from all bonds that enslave you. St. Augustine said, "Man is created to be free. Unless he surrenders himself into the hands of God, he can never be free."
Sometimes in life we may want to be like someone else ... but we are unique and have our own gifts to offer ...
Having returned to Los Angeles with a powerful new perspective, a clear head, and the passion and drive to LIVE my dreams, I have been inspired to share my experiences and document my journey in the only way that I can express it- BLAZING with the FIRE that can never be extinguished.
This is my personal story on how I gave up smoking. To all those out there who want to stop rest assured, there is one powerful and sure way to stop.
There is a subtle esoteric law of inference that is applied to each and every act we undertake: purity of purpose. It’s totally impersonal and some may say, irrational, but none the less effectual. Beyond our physical ability, mind’s intellect, and emotional barrage of thwarted de...
What is prayer? There are a lot of references about prayer in the scriptures of all religions. Prayer is an innate thirst embedded in the hearts of every human being. It is not a mere verbal recitation; rather it is a heart to heart talk.
Summer's end, a time of gentle mourning before Fall's brightly colored invitation to sleep.
A Faith poem about how even in our darkest moments, knowing nothing can be salvaged, it is never our nature to give in.
A piece of poetry as I reflected on love and her ability to pierce my heart.
I Surrender to You, till my last breath, you will be in my heart, forever......forever
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