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Who is going to save us from Big Brother? Would you believe a music teacher from Hull?
Dad had stumbled upon a shelter in the woods. He decided that the team was going to have to come back to the park at night and set up surveillance. There was a distinct possibility that the bad guy had set up camp deep in the woods. If the team could get the drop on them Dad felt t...
The team is leaving the park and going home. They are all tired and need to rest. Robert is sure the bad guys have a secret hiding place in the park. He's also sure it's close by the bike path.
Dad called a meeting with all team members. He explained to the team that they were all needed around the clock. Dad passed out assignments and told the team to be ready first thing in the morning. Milly was going to be at the entrance to the park. Clarissa and Katie had decided t...
Rusty and Molly spent the day at the park doing surveillance. Molly met a new friend. Miss Darcy lives at the park and just happens to be a bird. She could give the team an aerial view of what is happening in the park. She has the perfect hiding spot because she lives in the trees. M...
Robert and Molly spent their first day patrolling the park. By the time their shift was over Molly was happy to see Dad. She went home to take a nap. Sally and Milly relieved Robert and Molly of their duties but it was a quiet night. There was no sign of the purse snatchers.
Dad accepted an undercover assignment at the park. The team has agreed to do surveillance around the clock. Dad put Robert and Molly in charge of the team. Molly's in charge of the whole operation, she's now a Lieutenant.
There's a purse snatcher in the park and the team has been called in to patrol the park. Dad's trying to come up with a feasible plan. The team wasn't ready to go back to work but it looks like they have no choice. Fate is calling once again.
Molly shared all the details of the night before. She told Dad about the chop shop and the dumpster ordeal with Sally. She told Dad that Robert and Milly had been there too. Dad was amazed that they all lived through the night.
Dad and Molly went to the junkyard. Dad came home and went into seclusion, he refused to share his thoughts with Molly. She decided to keep a close eye on him. Milly spotted the 63 Chevy Impala in the middle of night. This time the car didn't stop at the corner, it just kept going ...
The first day of the bloc watch brought no new clues to the burglaries and there's still no sign of the neighborhood raccoon. Dad informed Molly that there had been another break in and he was not happy about it. Milly was going to spend another night watching the neighborhood.
Milly's been up all night guarding the compound. She scared off an intruder in the middle of the night. She turned on the spot light and watched as he ran down the beach. It's a new day and Molly's got a plan.
Molly came face to face with the guy who sent her to lockup. He was on the beach coming toward her when the kids came and saved the day. Everyone made it home safe but Molly knows there's going to be trouble.
Molly, Dad and Milly are doing surveillance at the apartment building where the murder took place. Molly's got her night vision goggles and Milly wants to go home. They are hoping the murderer will show back up at the apartment. At least Dad and Molly are hoping for that. Milly is ...
Dad, Molly and Milly have just driven into New York City. It was the ride from hell. Milly is surprised that they are all in one piece. They are entering the apartment complex through the back entrance. There's a dark hallway they have to go down to get to the back steps. They ar...
Dad, Molly and Milly are on the freeway going to New York City. They are going to spend the night doing surveillance at the apartment building where the murder took place. Dad's driving like a lunatic and Molly is hoping they get to their destination alive. Milly wants to go home.
Dad's planning on doing surveillance at the apartment complex where the murder took place. He doesn't want Molly or Milly tagging along and he's made this quite clear to mom. Molly doesn't care what Dad wants. She's packing up her night vision goggles and her mace. She's dragging ...
Molly has just discovered a clue that Dad was keeping from her. She had to go in his office and snoop to find the vital clue. There's a secret passageway in the apartment building where the murder took place and it leads straight to the apartment where the body was found.
Molly and Dad are doing surveillance in the middle of the night. Molly wants to go home because there's no sign of the bad guys. She's just found out what's causing the noise under the seat. The night has just turned into the twilight zone.
In George Orwell's [i]1984[/i], the Ominous figure of Big Brother represents the intrusive power of a totalitarian state. Today we don't need to someone to spy on us. We spy on ourselves.
The U.S. government's spying on its own citizens has reached epic proportions, as journalist Glenn Greenwald reported today. It has targeted prominent, law-abiding Muslim-Americans in an Orwellian over-reach that should concern us all.
Our society in the United States is quickly moving in the direction of blanket, persistent, round-the-clock surveillance by law enforcement of all its citizens. Witness what is happening in Dayton, Ohio.
A company called AeroEnvironment developed a new spy technology shaped like hummingbird. This spying robot even can fly sideways, backwards and forwards, as well as go clockwise and counter clockwise just like real hummingbird.
Prism does exist, it is not paranoia, it is not 1984, it is real and it is here
Drones, drones and more drones. The president, Congress and our police departments cannot seem to get enough of them.
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