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Sucess is pretty much living as much above survival level as you can live. Not just in blogging, information technology and the like. But it is that way in everything. Sure this is an article about information technology and related subjects, but this will be able to be applied to any...
This is a true story of a young man who was shot and buried alive ...and how this terrible ordeal ended ....
One thing you can depend on in this human experience and that thing is CHANGE. How one looks at change will likely determine the outcome and when I say 'outcome' I refer to the satisfaction with what you have created from the sparkly fresh slate of change.
A true story of getting fired from a career you truly love and how I survived it.
The abuse I lived with as a child and my rape had not taken me out, why should this?
You would think that life was going to deal me a better hand. Sadly, no it didn't. Tough times were still impacting my life.
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