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Yesterday I came outside to find a dying snake, a dead frog, a lawn mower and two servants gawking at it. The site of it all was definitely a conversation piece indeed.
It's a hard day for Marzeus. He's trying to get through it, but Specter and Weener simply aren't returning. He feels responsible because they have taken one of Father's vehicles to do something that may very well turn into big trouble, and now they're taking so long to return from doi...
Marzeus goes out again to tell Specter what Father said. Waldorf happens to have walked by and is talking to Specter. Finally, somebody who agrees with Marzeus - Specter has told Waldorf that they have to kill the warthog because of the snout that the dogs have chewed off to the bon...
In the cave Sayre has made a breakthrough. That is until the stones fall. Then the vision comes. On the floor of the mine, Sayre's mind travels to her fondest memory, that of her first love. Her sister Edie remains as witness to all before and now.
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