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The latest news on the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos killed in the Southern Philippines clash with Moro rebels last Sunday.
The rapid militarization of police departments all across America in the last twenty years has led to over-the-top police brutality in scores upon scores of communities.
~We’ll take a little break from the nuts and bolts of Fly Assassin Reports, give you a bit of a third person story about P. Sluggo~He was in Junior High the year JFK was slain, cried like a baby~the year before that he learned something about slaying and quotas~you’ll notice in th...
~Assassination is a dirty business~Trick ‘em, trap ‘em, & kill ‘em~With doggy doo/poo trap bait dripping from my fists, I soon sought less messy and more effective techniques for dispatching the enemy~
~I must confess that at the time, as shown here, we were quite primitive in our methods of trapping and killing. The poo-trap in the picture is an example of how I earned my name, Sluggo~
~I made Igor a fliescube out of our kill~It floated around in her water dish, cooled it off a bit~Igor slurped away at the fliescube until neither fly nor ice existed~
Hydra Lacy Jr. Killed Two St. Petersburg Police Officers In a Shootout
In this guide, I will explain to you some of the many ways you can increase your kills, gain more EXP and many other useful things in the online FPS game Crossfire.
The book I am describing is actually a book I have written so therefore, it isn't exactly what I would call an 'official' book. I have given handed a manuscript to a publisher (a relative) and I can only pray that it be published.
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