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Practical resources for those struggling with clinical hyperhidrosis or anyone who simply hates to sweat!
9 Myths and Truths About Excessive Sweating Among Students
Since it is already summer have begin here and due to too much hot it's become problems to ride the scooter or drive the car in sun. Feel tired and like to have as much as water as possible to curb the thirst/
As we all know that every successful companies or organization must have a good regular board meeting, in other to trash-out some issues and make some amendment where it is necessary for a good and better performance of their staffs and co.workers. This is what our organization doe...
Stickiness and ill-smell of sweat make us uncomfortable Some times when there is not much hot outside even then there are some peoples In Hyperhidrosis even people at rest or at low temperature
The incubation period varies from a few weeks to months. Clinical manifestations of Amoebiasis can be grouped into acute dysentery, non-dysenteric and hepatic amoebiasis.
We present some natural remedies to reduce perspiration: tea tea for internal use and for external
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