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Submerged lodging appear to have turned into a pattern among inns as of late, however a resort off the shore of Tanzania is presently putting an interesting turn on the idea. The Manta Resort as of late disclosed its Underwater Room, a three-story suite that buoys adjacent to a flouri...
After six months of detention in North Korea, Jeffrey Fowle is free! One of three Americans detained and/or imprisoned in North Korea, he arrived home on October 22, 2014. Read about his story here.
Pacu fish actually not kind of fish that like biting people, but what makes some of them love to biting people especially biting men's area in Sweden River?
Duplication of script or data became as the official relegian in Sweden that is kopimism, copying,sharing is sacred in kopimism
The countries who consumes the milk and milk products per capita per year may win the noble prize per capita
Many visitors avoid traveling by car due to gas prices, but for those willing to accept the time and cost, there are a few good stops where they can get out and stretch their legs and find history, nature, and beauty--here's where to visit.
In conclusion IKEA FRAMTID OV5 is a very basic oven, which does its job. I’m pleased to recommend it if you are looking for an oven in this price range.
A review of staying at a Youth Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden on a clipper ship named Red Malaren. The cabins were small - but very nice. A great buy!
At the end of September in 2010, I had the opportunity to visit Copenhagen. I was greedy and planned to touch base with another neighboring country, Sweden through the famous Oresund Bridge. Although it did not materialize, the sight and sounds of the land of the Vikings were more tha...
Sweden is a country in northern Europe. It has had monarchs for more than a thousand years. At one time, the monarchs were very strong leaders. Today, Sweden’s monarch has very little power. The real head of the government is the prime minister.
For travel-minded young people aged 18-35, Contiki Tours are a superb way to see Europe and all it has to offer. With a group of people just as interested in exploring its amazing cities and landscapes as you, there are countless opportunities to make new friendships and have a holida...
I was told that I was related to King Oscar The Second, ho hum, but when I was told that he knew my idol Henrick Ibsen---that was a whole other kettle of Lutefisk!
Four European countries ask Facebook what Facebook has done on collected data from users.
What we found out when we visisted The Great Lake in Sweden. Very interesting.
Tourists can find varieties of hotels to stay in. Tourists can opt for cheaper hotels or high end hotels as per the tourist’s taste and budget.
This was in the summer of 2006. The anticipation was palpable. My wife, Aban and I had traveled to Europe several times before, but never this far North. We were going way above the Arctic Circle.
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