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Most people don't like getting caught in the rain, but as a young boy I used to love it. Things are different when it's raining and people do strange things. So this prose is a snapshot of a boy watching people and things when it's raining.
The simplest but still the best gift, that can uplift a bad mood. Chocolates.. Hidden desire.. As everything seems better after eating one more bite.
Life has a way of teaching you lessons through humorous events. Here is just one of them.
I want to share my journey of eliminating sugar from my diet.
When I was a young lad when I had some money it was spent at my local sweetshop. I went to in for some sweets but it had been knocked down.
Many years ago there was a sweetshop on my way to school. It was knocked down for building houses a sad day.
Just imagine the mayhem being in charge of this lot if the jaws! got out of control!
A sweet tooth can be reeducated to enjoy less concentrated sweets. Fruits and desserts sweetened with fruits are good alternatives.
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