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Easter celebrations are on progress. I love them even though I'm not a very religious person, but I was born in a Christian society and they are part of our culture and civilization.
Definition of Diabetes. Causes of Diabetes. Precautions for Diabetes.
I am glad when I am able to put pen to paper in any given situation.
Read to know how to make this delicious and traditional sweet at Easter.
This is a poem about love. It tells the story of how love lets us grow close to the needs of one another, of how a smile can say so much more than words could ever express.
Indulge into the delicate flavor of cream cheese into one delicious dessert that is topped with your favorite filling, from fruits to cookies or even chocolate! Tasty treat for your kids, family and friends.
Written for my adopted Bro Jason I miss him every day.
Remember that place in your life, that time when there was nothing to go awry?
this is a love poem where you can realize how love twist with nature. Nature is the source of love and we went back to nature when we felt to realize love the only commitment where we stand forever without any cause.
Sprinkle chapped nuts over the Mango mixture. And refrigerate and cut into pieces and serve.   
Sweet childhood ... where have you gone? You pushed me towards maturity , for Responsibility and worries that seem to multiply by the day trece.eram child once and zest for life was immeasurable , so happy when I received a candy , so happy holidays and days of holiday now that everyt...
Happiness is crucial no wonder people are running after it. But how do I get it and make it stay?
These are things we do that can affect our night and which can cause some other serious body ailment.
To start with a new parh or road takes willingness, and we should choose to experiement a little, of course curiosity
Sometimes the cares of the world can weigh us down so , just for a change I have taken some cutey babies and put my own thoughts with them ...Hope you like ....
A common saying that everyone says to one another. Most likely right before bedtime. This would be how I see "Sweet Dreams". Comments are open.
Three love poems based on themes of " Falling in love; Feeling in Love; Living in Love " - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Smaller smileys..simply funny..Many times we get many interesting comments ...each pulling another\s..This one is such another
Well a question always arises that whether love is better or lust solve the mystery yourself..!! :P
A fun recipe all the family will enjoy so why not treat yourself to a mug of hot chocolate and a chewy, gooey polka dot cookie.
This is a guide on how bake and make a double pumpkin cheesecake. This is very simple cake and everyone will enjoy eating it.
Who does not love ice cream? Dessert is soft, sweet and cold is indeed a fulfillment of good taste and a lot of people uncomfortable.
This is a fun day in the sun for who...well humour and wit can wander across pages and pavements and down drains ....and as I always say...if the cap fits wear it!!!!!
There is power in the name of Jesus, when you are hopeless, and feel all is gone, you can call on the name of Jesus. There is power in the name.
Slice the carrots and chop the tomatoes. Slice green chillies and ginger, finely. Place together in pan with half cup water cook till carrots are tender. Remove from heat.
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