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May he fly around in the heavens forever, my feathered friend, symbol of peace.
Blazer and Sis are invited to go for a swim in a friend's backyard pool.
Blazer returns from shopping with his sister and best friend and he gets a surprise.
At a sleepover, Sis and Benny dare Blazer to do something embarrassing!
The joy, wonder and fear about a boy growing into an adult.
Rafael asks Blazer to help him improve his swimming to compete with the team.
Blazer is excited about joining the swim team at his school.
Blazers School has a swim competition against their rivals at Upper crust Academy'
Blazer has his first practice after joining the school swimming team.
One of the most beautiful attractions to visit in this country is the Ain Al Heet underground cave in Al Kharj located in the Central part of Saudi Arabia.
I am going to show you how to keep your money in your pocket and exercise the natural way, In a way that you don’t even really notice. Mankind managed to survive for thousands of years before anyone ever came up with the idea of working out at the gym. Sure the life expectancy of mo...
The mountainous “Land of Enchantment”, Puerto Rico hosts thousands of miles of beautiful beaches, an innumerable variety of aquatic, wild, and plant life, and lush tropical rainforest. Whether you like to hike, kayak, swim, bike, or study wildlife, many opportunities welcome you....
Swimming can increase the immune system’s ability to prevent against a cold or flu. When swimming, people will sink in water for a long time, which can enhance people’s ability to adapt to the surrounding weather and improve their immunity. Then they won’t catch a cold easily, a...
Raccoons, known for intelligence, adaptability and sociability, have evolved from tropical tree dwellers to general utility animals that take advantage of every kind of environment and every possible kind of food source, so that by now they can survive in near Arctic conditions of the...
An old man is remembered for his sea tales which were very tall.
A poem about being on a quiet beach and the shame people should have in spoiling them.
Fear is often employed by parents when they want children to obey their biddings
Throughout the day, sometimes we forget just how much time we have to enjoy everything and everybody, every moment, and every lesson.
We all worship something. It is either God or something else (devil). What do you choose to worship??
Summer getaway in the beach would be so much fun! Dip, wade and enjoy the sea in an affordable price!
The duck-billed platypus is one of the few types of monotremes, or egg-bearing mammals, in the world.
Most of us want to take tunes with us wherever we go. Therefore, this underwater MP3 player is the device, which is fulfilling our silly desire. Fun time for those entire lap Swimmers, Triathlete, kayakers possessing this music mixed with water.
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