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Last Friday we travelled to Southport for an author event. Read on to find out more.
Many pool owners contemplate the value of investing in a pool cover. You may be wondering if dragging a pool cover each time you finish using the pool will be worth your time and effort. Perhaps you are concerned about the effects of a cover on your pool and if it will actually be use...
We have just returned from a holiday in the Lake District. Read on to find out what we thought of it.
Swimming is a great way to get fit and also great physical therapy.
I finally got to meet my new great grand daughter last week, and to spend time with my American family. Read on to find out more.
The article speaks about the beautiful Sapphire hotel ambience in Colombo. Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka and when visitors come to visit Sri Lanka they enjoy the hostage in Sapphire hotel.
The article speaks about the beautiful ambience of hotel Hilltop in Kandy in Sri Lanka. the hotel is situated in the summit of the hill and is at beautiful location.
A guide to keeping your swimming pool maintained over the Winter months
Sis plans a special birthday party for her twin brother, Blazer
swimming is an art. it Is moving in water by the help of hands and legs. Nobody can swim in water all on a sudden.
The article speaks about the existence and maintenance of brilliant swimming pools in Grand Sole Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand.
If you open a floodgate, how do you undo it? You can't - you go hide!
Herne Bay is a modest little seaside with a lot to offer. Read on to find out why this is.
The article speaks about the romantic swimming pool artificially created in Awana Resort in Genting Highlands in Malaysia.
More 1000 yards in length, spreads 20 sections of land world largest swimming pool is on south coast of Chile.
Choosing baracuda pool cleaner to keep pool stay clean. It is great solution when you want to clean both in-ground and above-ground pool.
As summer approaches, this page is dedicated to swimming pools and their varieties.
This is one of my most unforgettable trips to the Philippines. When I came home in 2008, I got the opportunity to go outing with my family. We went to Club Manila East, and to my surprise, my former co-workers were there having a company outing. An unexpected reunion it turned out ...
A description of the atmosphere at the swimming pool of the villa, my family and I stayed at a few years ago.
Think of how a child learned to roll from stomach to back as a young baby. A good techniques for swimming of six month baby under supervision of skilled instructor.
I have been visting my family in America for over 20 years, and what a wonderful time I have had! The American people welcome us Brits every time.
Time moves on, it remains not still, all things must change, for good or ill.
Our body is amazing. Somebody can conquest the mountains, others can dive more then 150 meters depth - without bottled oxygen!
Read On To Make Your 1st Sexual Encounter In A Pool Just Comfortable As Possible!
I have recently visited the island of Madeira. Read on to find out why I liked it so much.
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