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At present accessible just in European Union nations and additionally Norway and Switzerland (with talks of it making a beeline for North America soon), the bicycle is the brainchild of Ronald Meijs who set out determined to make a vehicle suited for the burning and activity of thick ...
Daisy Miller is the story that made Henry James famous. However, his depiction of American society in the story is most controversial. This article shows why, and what role tourism has in this depiction.
According to the legend surrounding doppelgangers, some monks and Christian saints who were known to meditate religiously became adapt at bilocation. Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Ambrose of Milan, Saint Severus of Ravenna and Padre Pio of Italy. Scientists reproduced an effect strong...
Witches, witch hunts and the Church. we look the Carnage that followed, along with the resulting effects.
This is the final edition of the series on the most beautiful cities. We have come a long way and scanning through wonderful and mouth watering sites which are good for tourists. And in the last two episodes, we made mention of 10 nice places around the world which are very attractive...
It was a rare treat to visit the major cities in three European countries which have thousands of years of history and structures that still exist from their earliest years.
A novel and unique way of keeping the remains of loved ones. Ponder if this is okay and don’t fail to affix your comment at the bottom after reading. It will be appreciated.
When talking to some of the new friends I made recently, the topic of my home country almost always came up. In this article, the Swiss culture and customs will be described, to give you a short overview about the little country.
Reasons to visit Switzerland are definitely all encompassing. From the ground breaking architecture and modern art to the efficient public transport, glorious lakeside scenery, sports and outdoor activities and spas you will never want to leave
Learn how eminent scientist Albert Einstein was belittled and snubbed by the Nobel Prize Committee. And how he was delayed the Nobel Prize in Physics. Why he was belittled? What went on behind the scenes? What happened? Here are the most interesting facts dug out for you from the hist...
Digging deep in the oldest library of Switzerland!
She is just a vegetable and is in the state of Coma for last 38 years in ICU of KEM Hospital Mumbai. If read this article carefully I am sure you would ponder a while before leaving your comment!
Yesterday I spent the morning on the pistol combat range. I guess I was feeling nostalgic for the good old days because I took my 6” Colt Python .357 Magnum in Western Leather. I love that gun, but had not fired it in a while. I bought three of them with 4”, 6” and 8” barrels ...
A trip to Engleberg in the Swiss alps is a must. Engleberg is the perfect village for you to visit. Lots of wonderful hotels and restaurants and absolutely the best skiing in the country.
Basel, Switzerland is one of the visited travel destination in Europe especially during the holiday season for its famous Christmas market event.
Basel Christmas market in Switzerland is one of the most visited Christmas market during the holiday season in Europe. Experience a dazzling Christmas shopping while you visit other travel tourist destinations in Switzerland.
Take an adventure travel at various Christmas markets in Switzerland.
For travel-minded young people aged 18-35, Contiki Tours are a superb way to see Europe and all it has to offer. With a group of people just as interested in exploring its amazing cities and landscapes as you, there are countless opportunities to make new friendships and have a holida...
Besançon à Annemasse via Le Source du Lison, Le Pont du Diable et Geneva. The second day of our road trip to France takes us from Besançon in the Franche-Comté region of Eastern France, south to visit the Source du Lison and the Devil's Bridge. We continue our journey south, thr...
East Midlands airport has become a busy hub for people all over the region to fly off on holiday all around the world.
Planning on spending the day in Bern? Here's my whirlwind day and night experience in the charming capital city of Switzerland. We spot the European brown bear that is the city's namesake, several statues, and the (in)famous Zytglogge, the 12th century clock tower.
The ruler of the financially burdened nuclear nation decided to clear the path for possible succession of his twenty seven year old son Kim Jong-Un by appointing him as a four-star general.
A Swiss-style holiday in the winter wonderland that is Zermatt, located in the shadow of the mighty Matterhorn.
Success in Vienna in 2008 was supposed to have changed the mentality of the Spanish national football team, yet the result in Durban begs to differ.
A holiday in the Swiss Bernese Oberland in July 2009. Some of the trips made and places visited
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