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Where we left off Jean has gone to spend Christmas with her boyfriend and his family. Katie-Ann is furious and little Carissa doesn't understand why her sister Jean could not be home for Christmas.
The sisters were in Sydney and when they came home Katie-Ann was told that Jean was spending Christmas with her boyfriend's family for Christmas. We are beginning to see the rift between Jean and Katie-Ann.
Hi! I don´t know, if anybody read my previous article about navigation for a car. In this short post I want to share with you, that I found out, that this GPS app is available also for smartphones (I don´t know if for all kinds but for my HTC surely) and even you can get the app und...
On my recent cruise on the Sun Princess, from Sydney to Tasmania and back, we passed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge twice, both when departing and arriving back in Sydney.
Ranking most beautiful or more attractive or most tourist loving or even the most accommodating places of the world would largely always be subjective.
Every year vivid sydeny light festival was celebrated in the moth of May to June with different lighting projections on different parts of the city.
Pink colur lake in in western part of Austrialia, the lake is called as Hillier lake, which is pink in colour.
If you don't like the standard wedding venues, you should consider tying the knot on a more exotic destination. Should you travel and where?
The city of Perth, Western Australia, is widely known as a relaxed and enjoyable place to live. This reputation is certainly justified due to several elements. These include its pleasant climate and booming economy, among others.
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Reduce your tendency of been dull or you can even avoid it by relaxing, and if you get to understand these hilarious and as well brain storming jokes, you will of course not be like Jack.
One that tourists need to experience when they visiting Sydney, NSW, is enjoying a Sunday brunch at any cafe. While some may perceive these cafe patron as those who are too lazy to prepare breakfast-lunch for themselves, the truth is far from the assumption. These cafe patrons are oft...
Arriving too early in New Zealand we head for the sunshine in Australia
Facts and Info about Australia. Sydney opera house and Brisbane city information.
Do you know much about Australian Foods and Cuisines? Know how lavish an Australian Treat is? Here we go… you’ve got about it here.
These were posted on an Australian Tourism Website and the answers are the actual responses by the website officials, who obviously have a great sense of humour.Questions are asked from people of USA and UK which are shown in brackets to the side of each question
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