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A small poem after two years of not writing. Comments are open.
Common symbols remote in time/space, do they have common meanings?
A symbolic fantasy expressing the greed and lust which are the enemies of human beings as well as every other being.
This poem came to me after a variety of images crossed my mind on a random moment. I wrote it all down, put it all together and this was the end result. Comments are open.
This is not a story about a woman, her children, and her attitudes, it is a story in which shy is a symbol. I do not want to give away the meaning of the story, perhaps you can figure out the symbolism therein.
A poem that I randomly thought up one night. Comments are open.
We really have to look at the word of Yahweh with both optical and spiritual lenses…one thing looks a certain way using metaphors and similes but in the natural is the total opposite unless light is shone there. No wonder we can’t get it if we haven’t been taught to think this w...
I've had this on my mind for a little while. It became somewhat of what I intended it to be. I guess I'll just leave it to the reader. Comments are open.
Ever thought of why old trees have cavities? Long long time ago when people had secrets they don't want to share, they'd climb a mountain to find the oldest tree. They carve a hole in the tree, and whisper their secret into this hole. After they cover the hole over with mud, that way ...
The Wiccan pentagram represents the four alchemical elements: earth, water, fire, air, governed by spirit. These elements also have certain spiritual qualities, and when we use the pentagram in magick and Wiccan worship, we focus on them, rather than their relationship with present da...
This is the first of many pages to come in my Viral Flame series of short essays about Christian faith and the imagination, in the new age.
So, we wanted to film a scene at sunset but missed the sunset? No worries - there's always the magic of technology and creativity to overcome all of life's little obstacles.
A dark little poem that I thought up recently. Comments are open.
Getting caught in the rain is such a symbolic reference. And equally cleansing to the heart and soul. It has taught me to appreciate getting wet
A short guide on how to interpret your own dreams, concentrating on your feelings and what the images mean to you.
When I opened my eyes,I saw all the eyes...∆♱¤♂ Every company wants to be a part of the elite it seems.
A poem that is self-explanatory. Comments are open.
This poem was honestly fun to write. I don't have much to say other than that. Comments are open.
This is a simple poem with a complex meaning. Comments are open.
Originally called "Row Your Boat", I changed the title because it seemed better to work with. This is perhaps my version of the nursery rhyme "Row Your Boat". Comments are open.
This poem was written off of a strange buzz that I had when I was listening to some music the night before the publication of this poem. I wasn't high or drunk, despite the title but the emotions it gave me somewhat sparked this one. Comments are open.
The title in particular for this piece, I've had on my mind for almost a year. But I never found the words to help make it. This poem is a dark poem based off of a dark experience that a certain group people are known to go through. Let's see if anyone figures it out. Comments are ope...
This was made up in about an hour. The thing is that I haven't been publishing a lot of poems lately because I have been going through a writer's block in poetry. Yet I've been publishing the short stories of Lelkshire. This is a little something for my readers who don't wish to read ...
What is pilgrimage? Is it worshipping god stepping over the corpse of a fellow human being? What happens to the limping man in the cave?
This poem is something out of my everyday life for the past week. As for where I live somewhat influenced this poem. There has been a street festival going on lately and it will be ending soon. And it is sad to see it go just as fast as it showed up. But through my eyes, I saw somethi...
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