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Do angels communicate via personal synchronicities? I am collecting some evidence they do.
This page is about realistic clairvoyant use of the brain and mind. Meaning in a basic way: How to use the brain and mind in a realistic way to understand and control some future events in life. How to understand how to control your attention to know and see what is to come and how to...
Are you meant to read this article? Was I meant to write it? Are these two events synchronistically linked together in some way? This article purports to say that they are. All events are linked, nothing happens on its own. There are no chance events. God does not play dice, as Ei...
Things that happen by chance are called coincidences, but Karl Jung called it synchronicity if there is a meaning for these things happening at the same time.
It's not just 11:11 but many synchronicities and coincidences piling on top of one another and increasing from year to year.
Synchronous technology is what happens when all the suitable technologies to make work units in companies collaborate efficiently are unified into one interdependent system. There are a number of good reasons why companies need such.
A strange week from my diary - mulberry tree in fruit, two burglaries, blood and barbed wire and a set of lost keys
Synchronistic Poem - Format No. of stanzas: 8 Lines per stanza:3 Syllable sequence : 8-8-2 in every stanza. Last 2 stanzas are meant to reveal the twist. My first one of the form.
How the end of the world changed my life by highlighting the asynchronous nature of the currently accepted calender system.
~birds at the sepulcher~black wings twisted waistcoats~looking through the window~her lover disturbed him~a dead one-eyed stair~climb me up quick~don’t wanna drown alone~the semen dream~bathtub coffin~
Synchronized dates such as 11.11.11 ...Ever thought what it means?
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