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People that have grown in such family life that encouraged such lifestyle have stronger family bonds, are more disciplined and has helped them in all sort of paths of life.
Make the time count for your well being. Use a structured analysis of the time to use for different things around the house or out of it. Travel or play, health or leisure – if you are aware of the limitation set by time, you will realize how precious it is.
Enjoy cold soups and rich and nutritious salads in Summer as done by the Mediterranean.
Getting youngsters included in commonsense ventures at a youthful age can help their improvement and foster their innovative streak ... which is the thing that Kids Imagination Furniture from The Cardboard Guys plans to accomplish. The set involves a cardboard work area and seat which...
I was always being told that self praise is no praise at all. But, I love this poem and think it to be one of my funniest. When you break it down, it can be a bit grim in parts. The aspects of jealousy is what jumps out at me first and foremost. We all have a hint of jealousy in us in...
Mathematics is a subject that should be taught both in elementary, junior high, or high school. In high school Math material usually taught is the development of materials in education before, such as logarithms. Logarithm is a Mathematical operation that is the inverse of the exponen...
One may think that this slow food movement is a new trend, but in Mediterranean countries has been like this since we were born.
Customers taken for a ride by restaurants' slapdash and sloppy service and a lack of etiquette
Book signings are a great way to get publicity for your new book. here are some tips I have found that work, although I always have more to learn. Read on to find out more
It is my parents wedding anniversary tomorrow 40 years they have been married! So my sister and I brought them a gnome table and with it I came up with this poem.
Someone you've never met shares their thoughts on an Agatha Christie.
Crokinole... a wonderful game! Anyone can play, any age, not much to explain and totally fun!
Just a portion of humor about a man going home with his table bearing it a great distance.
This poem was written in free verse with the movement of casual thought, as one might ponder a memory.
Part two of "The Magic Book" ... What will Tom and Ruby find behind the big old oak door? read on to find out the secret of "The Room"
An ancient legend tells us, that here a retired pirate by the name of van Hunks had a pipe--smoking contest with the devil, the clouds are the billowing puffs of pipe smoke. The prize was the pirate's soul. This contest between them has continued, ever since
Here are some ideas I learned from my mother on how to cook the turkey.
The expertise knowledge of the ancient Romans in the use of stones and marbles was an added advantage to the Roman furniture industry.
The major part of the ancient Greek furniture is known from paintings and sculpture works. Designs on terra-cotta, bronze, tombstones and paintings that survived the years are indications of early production and use of furniture by the ancient Greeks.
You do feel sorry if you lose a piece of your creation, even if it is something small and trivial. This is a poem about feeling sorry for a painting done by me and then finally coming to terms with the loss.
The Cafe' encounter, the discription of a very personal date.
It seems that the prices for herbal salts in health food shops are vastly exaggerated. I've just made a herbal salt myself and it's totally delicious and always adds the extra minerals and taste to many dishes.
An example for writing invitation letters. Keep in mind to use formal language and don't forget to be creative :)
Don't believe the hype, or the pundits when they say the Premier League winner can only lose x number of games... the current league table shows how draws are just as critical.
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