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The "Pilgrims were communists until they were rescued by capitalism" meme pops up every year at Thanksgiving. This page disputes the meme contending the Pilgrims sharing of provisions was based on weather and isolation rather than any economic philosophy.
Family and friends are not always the best at keeping in touch with each other. Using Facebook to keep in touch is one way, but how do you know anyone is really reading your postings? My sister did a test post today that really got her page booming.
In the Series of Funny World, I writer of another funny experience of mine that promises to crack your ribs.
Take daily dose of Comedy that promises to put smile on the faces of readers, and indeed gladden their hearts.
This is about all the good people I met here on Wikinut and how they have been my inspirations
Maasai Mara National Reserve is located in the Narok County, southwestern Kenya. Its magical wildlife and the cultural custom and dress of the Maasai people makes it irresistible destination to visit.The incredible Great Migration of millions of wildebeests and thousands of Thousands...
The Gospels of the Bible narrate so many healing incidents. Many people were healed from many ailments. But Bartimaeus is the only person mentioned with all the details about him. What made him so important?
It is true that there is much freedom of work in writing. But, what is the dream and achievement? One can recollect verses of ‘Last Ride Together!’
This article is about tagging our photos with our social site friends
This is a page with poems that mainly bring back childhood memories. Just to name a few, playing freeze tag and getting the flu.
A walk with two, er, three, pets, as one tags along!
People often experience difficulty in the use of Question tags. This piece is meant to handle the rules of the grammar as it concerns the use of the topic.
This page is about the importance of keyword and tag while getting traffic
Subsidy removal by government is national rebirth which the entire country will benefit from. Government with a good patriotic heart that is ready to render selfless service to its citizen must implement subsidy removal to courage fast economy growth. Countries currently depriving the...
Well, it had to come...that moment when the day finally arrives and you are suddenly another year older than you were...and you begin a whole new decade...Yes, folks, yours truly, turned 50 this week..And Life Is Great!
“It is with our passions as it is with fire and water; they are good servants, but bad masters.” - Roger L’Estrange
A guide to using keywords and which to choose to gain more views.
I have written other articles on tags and tagging, and other ways of improving SEO, but tags seem to be one of the ones most people still have problems with, and as such I have created this short article as well.
When you write your Wiknut article, Blog, (or indeed an article for any Internet site) you need to tag it well! Tags equal views, and this is one thing every writer must keep in mind.
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