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This page is reveiwing 5 ways to make money online without spending a dime or kobo
This page is showing the tips on How to Become an Online Proofreader
This page is talking about 8 authentic Foolproof for Attracting Traffic to Your Blog Posts
In the Series of Funny World, I writer of another funny experience of mine that promises to crack your ribs.
This page is all about reasons why you should have a blog as a mini website.
It has never been easier to do good. Just try your best to make the world colorful.
The Philippine Republic faces critical political issues, weather threats, societal problems year after year. Despite all these, it has remained resilient and headstrong.
This page is about the true benefits using the law of attraction. Through my own experienced, I declared that the law of attraction to the best of ability and understanding is true and correct.
The reason why I became a blogger and how it started and other online work
The modern society in which our children dwells is currently in the verge of a crisis. It is drowned and suffocated with the societal ills of the century. The very integral spot that is supposed to contribute much in their growing years has been marred like a meek lamb in the mire.
I created this poem for my country - The Philippines. I am inspired to use the Haiku pattern because I find it creative and challenging. Haiku is a Japanese poem of three lines employing the 5-7-5 number of syllables in each line.
The Day of Hearts commonly known as Valentine's Day is one of the annual events that lovers really look forward to. For sure, this day effects a different emotion to many a person - who is in-love!
"Time is gold" - is a truth in itself. We can never hold it back - that is certain! Time has brought each one of us the best and the worst of things whether we favor them or not. No human is entitled of the rights of time.
There's nothing more inspiring in this world than trusting one's self first and foremost. It the most effective life appetizer one truly possesses before anything there is.
Envy is a feeling of wanting to possess what other people have. But, what possibilities could happen when what the envious have always desired can never be theirs?
The implementation of the K-12 Curriculum is one of the most recent developments in the Philippine Education System. It was first realized in 2012 in all schools both public and private.
Love is love. Love is itself. Love can only define itself. It exudes from the heart, although not seen. It may be felt in the touch although not spoken. What is love for you?
Hatred is one of the most dreadful weapon of misery. It befriends all that is dark and gloomy. It never gives a heart for rest or for slumber.
When do you stay quiet? Is it all right when a person stays quiet amidst chaos? Here is a sharing of one who chooses to be quiet, at times.
Parenting is like a maze. Many questions have been made as to the best pattern on parenting.
Landing in a career of your choice is a good luck. Some people work because of the need of money to sustain daily needs. That's true. Don't you think so?
SIBULAN. My town may not be as famous as the others but for me it is a countryside that exudes love, peace, friendship and fun.
Being an online language teacher to foreign students is a very exciting, interesting and fulfilling job. When having a session with a student, the teacher can't help but put aside the monetary compensation issue of the job and focus on how to help a very enthusiastic and interested le...
Life is a roller coaster ride. It gives us the lessons we cherish and embed in our hearts. Poetry enables us to express the deepest emotion life brings us. It gives us the freedom to speak in silence and contemplation.
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