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Those born in America, one is a pass - the use of each year 30,000 Asians to "give birth to holiday." What effect does this; it can be observed in California.
A lot of developing Nations, especially from Africa seem so backwards in the global trend of technology, advancement in civilization and living condition and one may seem to wonder why this is so. Are there no resources at all in these regions? Even if there aren't, are the human reso...
A local coroner ruled the death of a five year old boy was due to the "ingestion of vinegar." Coroner Ginn said in the article- the boy was apparently, "given a lot." The article did not say anything about the vinegar being contaminated, although China has had some food contaminatio...
How Taiwan pays countries to endorse their country
Now a days everything is available in the market, in Taiwan professional mourners are crying and weeping for strangers.
There is a carton restaurant inside the Carton king creativity park, in Taichung City, Taiwan. The whole lot inside this spot is created out of cardboard and paper.
Recently an official Barbie café was started in Taiwan’s capital Taipie city, the café spread 660 square metres in space and decorated with enough pink
A man's life is his own. Yet, Tianlu Li chooses to share his with us, the viewers, in this wonderful dramatized documentary. It's not only an entertaining film, but quite educational to the uninitiated regarding Chinese and Taiwanese culture.
Taiwan is one of the fast developing country in Electronics, There are lot things to explore in Taiwan including the capital city Taipei
Censoring internet is one way to block content by government so that people can’t reach it. Content which is available online is watched by official and any content against government or improper content is censored. In one word if you try to open social networking site like Facebo...
Taiwanese girl is famous suddenly because of her photo with two monkeys.
For many historians and sociologists, there are no better examples of humankind’s accomplishments than the towns and cities they build. Reflective of not only the technological advances of the time, towns and cities provide artifactual evidence of a culture’s values, worldview, a...
Today's cup of tea continues to be an event maker And, that event is bringing us closer to one another and relaxing. Tea today is a symbol of healthy living, serenity, and an open hand. From young lovers rendezvousing to pass affections to business persons congregating, from a fa...
This article looks at some luxury hotels in Taiwan.
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