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A valuable lesson I learnt in high school about improvisation.
A not so ordinary Thursday last May 7 that happened to be a holiday with morning to evening events in titanic proportion for an ordinary viewer.
I like to sing, I go to Karaoke, 3 times a week at 3 different venues, if I have the time. I enjoy being centre stage when I am at Karaoke, but I have a very limited repertoire of 6 songs. My singing claim to fame, is that I auditioned for X-Factor in 2010. I never got onto the TV Sho...
Chloe's journey in her goal to success. Slowly but surely, she will soon each her Star
This is about My Talent in Singing I have always followed My Favorite artists and listen to them Make a Mark on the world and this Is My Own Story about My Talent
This article is about selling our service and earning money from our work
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