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A writing prompt where a seemingly normal conversation takes place under unusual circumstances.
A night out ends with me being in the care of a person who loves Dexter a bit too much.
After moving to a new town, I decide to go explore the night life and find myself in a bar where something strange happens.
Here is a short story I wrote for a Halloween story contest I featured in my e-zine Storytime Tapestry.
This is the story of Wendall and his amazing beard! Wendall and his wife lived in a happy little town, until Wendall decided to grow his beard.... I created this story as a project with my mother after I started care giving for her. This has been a tremendous amount of fun for us. Th...
Contrary to popular opinion, the boomerang was not invented by the Australian aboriginals. They were being used long before the aboriginals ever thought of using them. Here is the real story of how they were first discovered.
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