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Making inanimate objects talk is a wizard's trait. Here is a tribute to wizards on the cricket pitch who gave the 'cherry' a voice.
Not just in posture but so in attitude, A wonderful reality, a feeling imbued, A state, a feeling, of strident awares, Joy abounding--a preponderance of golden cares!
A poem and verse about why we need to take more care about our planet, and what is likely to happen if we don`t.
Amitabh Bachchan may be a big star in India by virtue of his great acting abilities. The truth is - He is revered like God!
Off of the picture of the same title by Cassia. A reminder that God is always there and to keep on believing.
This review focuses on an award-winning television movie produced by Hallmark.
He went looking for a new job and found one, but also found so much more than the job.
Height is being given too much attention. Series of scientific researches and many herbal products, drugs, exercises, and programs are being developed and endorsed to reach the maximum height. People ask the secret of being tall. Advertisements that boost growth in a person usually us...
There are many different people in the world; fat and thin, polite and impolite, cheerful and gloomy etc. So we will star to talk about tall people and advantages and disadvantages of being tall.
This is a poem written about who I am and I am who i am... and yeah that is just me.
The everlasting debate of whether or not weights really stunt your growth.
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