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A large number of highest Temple towers dot the skyline of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The Tamils had been the most skilled Temple builders. These Temples are landmarks of the celebrated heritage of the Tamil speaking people.
Traveling far away places lets you explore something different, new environment and totally different cultures. A visit to Tamil Nadu is possible to help you get a great experience that can recollect forever.
Festivals and celebrations are the part and parcel of the great cultural heritage of Tami Nadu. Here you can find festival celebrations for every reason and season.
Thappattam, possibly one of the oldest of the folk dance form of Tamil Nadu, holds life in all its appearances – birth, celebrations, temple festival, marriage and death.
The colorful Terracotta horses are part of the village temple rituals. Travelers can view the village temples and Terracotta horses throughout Tamil Nadu.
The Bhakti movement is originated in Tamil Nadu, in India, and yet there is the religion of the masses.
Tanjore art painting is an ancient art form which has a rich artistic tradition. Designated after the Principal city of the Chola Empire, this art form, was prospered under various monarchies after 17th centuries.
Madurai is 2500 years old ancient city in Tamil Nadu, famous for its stunning Dravidian architecture and temple sculptures of the Meenakshi Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi, the consort of Lord Shiva.
Tamil Nadu is a country of temples. It has bestowed with the oldest history and culture of strong kingdoms. The sculptures and the ancient temple architecture of Tamil land served as a living example of early arts of history.
Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It's located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. Chennai ranks as the world's 36th largest metropolitan area and the 5th most populous city in India. The city of Chennai, originally known as Chennapattinam celebrates its 371st bi...
Most of the Important Languages, have got a lot of influence by Latin on them. Latin was considered as a language of the Highly Educated, and is still considered by some. A language which enjoys a similar rich History and glorious present is Sanskrit.
The LTTE was a terror outfit that was decimated by the Sri Lanka Army not without a little help from India
Puducherri and Yanam are once ruled by French People,so they are called as French Colonies in India
About some of the famous places in the city of Chennai. I have mentioned only about few things here, there are many more tell about this "Park of Peace". Proud to be Living here.
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