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All things ends obviously. But when they do, what is left is a new beginning.
Every day in my life has many, often extreme, ups and downs. Happy and content by morning, suicidal by the next hour depending on whatever. Accompanied with other stress factors and mental health suspicions, my sense of reality comes into question.
A poem I wrote in 2009 called Mirror Canvas. The imagery is aimed to describe to others how I view(ed) myself when associating with other people.
A day to day struggle, I fight to live. Homeless, young and without family, I can only think to much is life really worth to me?
The inspiration for this leads to my own experiences with the struggle of overthinking anything and inability to focus. Alexithymia and ADD, would be the core words to describe it.
Clouds are judged, oppressed, abused and ignored. Yet they do not fight, lie, or fear. Among themselves, clouds still share their world with themselves and those from under and above without fear or retaliation. If the clouds can do it, who says that we can't do the same?
Women are equal to men in my opinion, but of course each side has their own unique beauty. In a world where we label those that commit any actions, we commonly see or ignore what makes us all unique and open for expression.
Each person lives their own maze, it's up to them to find their way through.
This is a short story of a nameless 15 year old boy, just entering his freshman year of high school. Straight from a whole different part of the country and isolated due to unfamiliarity, he remains such. Eventually, he meets his first friends within this brand new world he's stepped ...
A poem that's as the title cleverly suggests as (random). Depending on how much this is enjoyed, I'll post another or possibly more. Who knows for now, Wikinut.
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