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Tantric sex, is a form of non-orgasmic sex which is considered a divine act. It will provide enormous pleasure if practised properly and regularly. It is considered an effective form of worship to acquire the divine power and energy.
Vineeth Bhatt, commonly known as Thirumeni among his disciples and fans is one of the most revered astrologers and tantric in India. Here is an interview with him where he tells about astrology and tantric rituals in detail.
This is my review for another one of my favorite books called Dark Light Consciousness by Edward Bruce Bynum PhD.
Yogic sex..All sex is exercise and then can anyone ever say they never did it Tantrics' want to for longer play and so this it
Tantra sex is very much a part of Buddhism. It is now appreciated taht Tantra sex is not contrary to what Buddha preached
Tantra sex is recognized as one of the paths to god. Can a virgin be part of this ritual,
Acharaya Rajneesh re-stated the ancient Hindu scriptures said about sex
Rajneeshwas an original thinker who gave revolutionary concepts
Rock band Journey rocks the world in sold-out arenas, new music masterpieces, some surprises and minor incidents. New singer Arnel Pineda’s voice soars high and Neal Schon’s guitar riffs rule again.
We all have a channel of energy within us, by following Tantra we can all learn how to use this power.
Sex is a path to salvation and it is incumbent on the man to take the woman along with him
Tantra sex is a part of Hindu ritual, that advocates a path to God through the sexual union.
This article discusses the methodology of the ancient Hindu penis-lengthening technique known as Yugmapad-Asana, based on ancient Tantric practices.
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