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Tantric sex, is a form of non-orgasmic sex which is considered a divine act. It will provide enormous pleasure if practised properly and regularly. It is considered an effective form of worship to acquire the divine power and energy.
Vineeth Bhatt, commonly known as Thirumeni among his disciples and fans is one of the most revered astrologers and tantric in India. Here is an interview with him where he tells about astrology and tantric rituals in detail.
Yogic sex..All sex is exercise and then can anyone ever say they never did it Tantrics' want to for longer play and so this it
Kerala, the southernmost state of India is famous for its own Tantric Rituals and Astrology. It is a subject to debate whether these rituals are really effective or the predictions by astrologers will always be correct. I am not going into it, but just narrating an incident that happe...
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