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At the height of our second invasion into Iraq many called into question the obligations of the press to report on the atrocities performed on the troops as well as theirs on the enemy. It was also questioned because reporters who were embedded with the troops were compromising attack...
There has to be unlimited faith and trust in your own abilities to succeed in highest level. One needs to develop self confidence in order to lead a successful life
When we are confident enough, we can achieve great heights in life. Then it is also very important to keep our aim very high so that we could achieve something more than our normal effort. We should never let our confidence down at any testing point of our life
Part 2 of tips to save money while grocery shopping.
The atomic bomb was dropped by the america on two cities of japan in august 1945. first time On August 6, 1945, during second World War (1939-45), an American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. and second time August 9th, ...
Four tragic shootings all took place in Omaha,Nebraska. A suspect was targeting one victim but ended up on a violent shooting spree. Which left lives lost and critically injured as well. Streak of violence from shootings and killing seems to spread like a deadly toxic poison. Thi...
This article is about Lookii where you can make money for achieving your targets.
Aiming for a cherry or an eye might not be easy for the first time. Don't stop. Try again for many times.
This page is about setting our targets and working hard to achieve it
This article is about achieving our target. We must have a proper plan and organize our time to achieve our goal in our life
This is a Poem been dedicated to Pregnant women in Labor. It simply brings out the tough experience they go through, the pains they suffer from and their reaction during this situation. Some even go as far as cursing and hating (their Men, especially)..... But everything is for a whil...
A dramatic account of a Mystery Shopper's meltdown at Old Navy. It didn't happen, but It could have.
Purpose,Choice and Momentum. What it takes to make measurable progress. What it takes to manifest your dreams. Thoughts on the ingredients of achievement.
Destiny is mind made illusion when we talk of success and failures. The world needs your committed dedication. That is why we shouldn't give destiny or kismet as an excuse for lethargy or your inability. Instead, make your existence significant.
Thoughts on how toys have changed over the years, not always for the better.
~ I am a guide to the labyrinth ~ Jim Morrison ~ Are your longings under a thousand maths, you fool! ~ you poet! ~ Nietzsche ~ I hope your dreams take you to the highest of your hopes ~ Charles Manson ~ by good angels tenanted ~ Poe ~ name it religion ~ sacrifice others ~ save your ...
My teachers and parents kept telling me when I was in school and got a rank below their expectations that sky is the limit. Meaning which, I cannot be a satisfied soul by coming 5th or 6th rank in the class. They wished well when they said this.
Lessons to be learnt from a true story of an innocent boy in a town
My hands-on experience over many years with people has demonstrated that there MUST be a process through which people go to really achieve what they set out to do. If they do not follow it with diligence and fervor, they are almost guaranteed to stumble. The 5 step process that I have...
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