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Some feminists are decrying movies with a shortage of female protagonists. I can see their points. But for my son, I'd rather focus on movies where boys want girls on their team(s).
"Oh please do not mind him. His name is Coomah and he is a resident of this forest. He has been helping us in our resort from infancy. Some cruel poachers attacked his parents, so we adopted him. Even now, he is afraid of humans."
Tarzan is an all time favourite and his 1938 film 'Tarzans Revenge' still entertains
A former movie star, now banished to the world's most isolated city, is forced to entertain himself.
Eton college, the number one public school. "The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing-fields of Eton” There can be no other school in the world that can match the number of distinguished figures that have made their mark on our world.
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