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A woman who was rushing like mad along an underground train corridor to catch the train that she had listened in the distance, let me thinking about the stupidity of rushing at all times for nothing.
If you aren’t familiar with what an errand runner is, you’re missing out. Errand runners are people you can hire to do everyday jobs when you don’t have time. They can do it all. From grocery shopping, getting the children from school, picking up your prescription, doing your pe...
Below are the 8 golden rules to motive you this will help us to become successful in our professional as well as in personal life.
Life is too short to keep craving for weekends to arrive.
Whenever you find free time, it would be gratifying if a series of basic tasks assisted in jogging your mind. Now that’s where clixsense which is one of the (best get paid to do something) sites come in.
What are the pros and cons in the life of a working mom? Read on to learn more.
This page is about doing tasks in various sites to increase our online earnings.
It is very hard to see a slow person in this modern world, since most of us are very fast and doing multitasking in our online/offline work to save our time.
Time management is a key to success. Here is my article to help in manage your time wisely.
In late 2010, I promised myself to accomplish things for 2011. I did not make a specific list, instead I thought of doing something that may touch some people's lives in one way or another. As the year 2011 comes to an end, I am proud to say that my missions have been accomplished.
This is my personal review of MyLot based entirely upon my personal opinion.
Its amazing how mothers are able to adapt to the many tasks enmeshed in that job.
After my father almost loosed one of his leg to diabetes, my interest in my own feet went to a whole new level.
These few simple tips will help a manager to delegate effectively.
no time for vacation, there is much needed work to be done.
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