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Government power is unleashed against protesters on the left and people of color, but those who protest from the right side of the political spectrum are coddled and handled with kid gloves.
At a gathering called, strangely enough, the "Value Voters Summit, Ted Cruz has always been a crowd favorite. This is a coming together of some of the most over-the-top, rabid, uber-right-wing nationalists, racists and xenophobes in our midst, and Cruz did not disappoint.
The dark underbelly of the Republican electorate is fully exposed by its embrace of Donald Trump's hateful politics.
The base reason why American racism is manifesting in a degree last seen in the post-reconstruction era
According to Michele Bachmann, Barack Obama needs to be credited with hastening the end times.
Louisiana Senator is a conservative Democrat with some influence. Because Mary Landrieu but one of Obama's party, the voters turn away from her. Her last hope is that blacks storm the Congress election on Tuesday at the polls.
From the "you can't make this stuff up" department, the Texas Republican Party platform emerges as a document to behold with....with....incredulity? laughter?
An opinion piece about voting in the upcoming elections.
To Tea Party types like Ted Cruz, government should play no part in attending to the people's welfare, regardless of the fact that the Preamble to the U. S. Constitution specifically calls for government to "promote the general welfare." They are a mean and nasty lot, and Cruz is thei...
Hubert Humphrey soliloquy on Americanism is something every Tea Party "patriot" should read.
There is a battle in Virginia right now, between the Senate and the House of Delegates. They Delegates are threatening to shut down the Government in Virginia if they can not pass a clean budget with out Medicaid Expansion. This is how expansion will help all of Virginia and Virginia'...
One of the best things about living in the USA is the 1st amendment and the right to free speech. We can voice our dissent if we are unhappy. With this in mind I have written five ideas that can get you started on the road to being more “involved.” Do it today!
Lots of Tea Party folks and other Neocons are having a hard time getting through to people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who spend other peoples money like a drunken Sailor, but maybe a poem by Bravo Von Muller will help get through to them?
Is a rejection of God by more and more Americans, especially progressive Democrats also a rejection of the founding father's belief in Natural Rights? If so, does that rejection of founding principles spell doom for the idea of individual freedom?
It is often not just amusing, but hilarious, to learn of the right wing's newest freakout.
This is an article about the strength of the Tea Party and its influence on budget issues.
Who is Ayn Rand? And what did she believe? She is the darling of the Tea Party, and the mentor of Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and the T/Publicans in Congress.
Has the United States lost the basic concept of the Declaration of Independence in today's society?
It could just be me, but I think Sarah Palin is starting to notice what happens when you gamble early and find yourself an also-ran with plenty of time left on the clock...
Some Republicans aren't wild about the idea, but the Tea Party cherishes Sarah Palin's special brand of conservative "you betcha'" down-home, bat-poop crazy.
When it comes to hutzpah, no one in Congress can hold a candle to the Honorable Stephen Finchem, the Congressman from Tennessee's 8th district.
Arizona high school students may soon have to take a loyalty oath to graduate high school, if some Tea Party Republican state legislators have their way.
The Tea Party refers to a movement that was founded in 2009 as a repudiation of politics as usual. Furthermore, there was a consensus that politicians were ignoring the wishes of the people.
Like nuts there are several varieties of heads. For example blockhead, bubble head, dunderhead, fountainhead, egghead, figurehead, bulkhead and so on.
These pictures tell the story better than anything one can write.
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