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Loving others is not easy. It needs a heart of kindness. All religious teachings or commandments are based on love.
Teaching is not only a profession it is also a mission and a vocation.
This article tells about the teacher that this article discusses about the welfare of teachers who are still very poor and the level of competence of teachers are far below the average, the moment the teacher is expected to be a warning to the government to be able to improve the well...
Have your child do? Mutual respect is a key to living in harmony among themselves. Teach this to children is not easy.
Teaching a new born.... Why not say..Read what I have said.... Apply your own minds Tell him nothing about Religion God nor Time.. let the new born be not shackled by our silly minds ... now decrepit... Let him find his own solutions Just remember this
Are our children today finding it difficult to cope with their lives. Have we as a society failed our children by asking them to conform to a single set of rules like it was in the 'good ol' days?' While some children are able to go throughout the system successfully, others have turn...
Labor and delivery is less frightening than teaching my daughter to drive.
Li Ka-Shing, the richest person in Asia, revealed an inspirational 5-year plan on how to buy a car and house
As I graduate from my master's degree program and I should be celebrating the pinnacle of my success, I can barely walk and require yet another surgery . . . which nearly kills me.
I begin my teaching career as the General Music Teacher in a K-8 Magnet School in an Hispanic neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago, and I'm loving it, but then my old job at the tire factory comes back to haunt me. I need back surgery . . .
My family and I complete our move to the greater Chicago area which requires a LOT of changes on our part, some good and some not so good. As time progresses I go through many. MANY personal and professional changes . . .
Describing Importance of what we call a compilation of writings, knowledge and discovery leading to and forth our lives, A Book.
Yes some of what we learn as fathers are what we garner from our dads
There needs to be more awareness when it comes to Pit Bulls and their Children.
When tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma this past week, teachers risked their own lives as they protected their students from harm. Yet, every day, thousands of ordinary teachers quietly help children cope with problems such as poverty, family violence and abuse. That's why teachers a...
Having a standard,to be teachable,to have a good attitude and transparency are the lessons the Emerald has to teach.
A quick insight to the difficulty of finding a career for language students
How can anyone run a country, any country and ignore what is happening in it?, poverty, struggles with life and housing or even feeding their children. The reason for this - we are always governed by somebody that has never been in any of these situations. Normally someone born with a...
It is poem just for you to read and enjoy
This article gives the necessary qualities for an Ideal Teacher
Sometimes all types of ways are employed to get that message across
Do you remember some very special teachers in your life? Do you remember what were some of the qualities and characteristics that made some teachers special? What were some qualities and characteristics that caused us to not cherish some of our experiences with some teachers as much a...
Friends are the most precious gift given to us by god and its our duty to nourish these gifts with love, care, affection etc so that a fruitful tree of relationship grows strong.
This page is about sharing our knowledge with others, by doing this we will increase our knowledge
This article is about teaching good things to the ignorant people and made them to get awareness.
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