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Teaching Year 7 is both a delight and a nightmare. why do many teacher still prefer them to other levels?
This article tells about the teacher that this article discusses about the welfare of teachers who are still very poor and the level of competence of teachers are far below the average, the moment the teacher is expected to be a warning to the government to be able to improve the well...
Teaching a new born.... Why not say..Read what I have said.... Apply your own minds Tell him nothing about Religion God nor Time.. let the new born be not shackled by our silly minds ... now decrepit... Let him find his own solutions Just remember this
After dropping the idea of writting once, today i am back.. Back With A Bang... And the credit goes to just a single person, my TeaCher who motivated me in such a way that here i am.. With great respect, i want to thanks her and wana dedicated my this writting to her from the deeeeeep...
While the International world celebrates Teachers day on 5 October, India celebrates it on 5 September, commemorating the birthday of Dr. Radhakrishnan, the second President of the country. It is an apt time to look at the role of a teacher in India in the past and the present.
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