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Bullying- Disruption of a child's better growth. Bullying has become ubiquitous in America. The kids that claim themselves as "cool and fun" are mostly responsible for this cruelty. The reason of putting spotlight on verbally or physically abused children is that, in the end, they wou...
This is the very first thing I ever wrote in writing on my own. It's the first chapter to a book I was writing, with some editing of course. I started writing it during my freshman year of high school. I had so much fun with it, that I decided to continue on with writing.
A funny poem inspired by my young step-sister's insistence on talking to me at times like I'm one of her children. Gone are the days when she just quietly followed me around doing as she was told, and I'd tease her when I was bored.
They admonished Kavita’s classmates and made them realize their mistake. Kavita’s friends felt ashamed. They stopped teasing her and started supporting her. Kavita’s joy knew no bounds. Thereafter she never had lunch alone at school.
When doing things that hurt other peoples feelings always have a bad consequence sent from God...
This article is about cyber teasing in social sites. Girls must aware about this..
If you thought that only women get raped by men, then you are wrong. More men in the world are raped every minute than women! Now that must be a real surprise!
~words of philosophers should mean something~Morrison said we trade reality for a role to play~Manson: it used to mean something to be crazy~now everyone is~and Nietzsche: there is always some madness in love~is wisdom worth the price I wonder~
The poem is a reply of some complaints of a wife from a husband's side in a humorous way ;)
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